Monday, 27 February 2012

Rain, Rouleur and Races

I did plan on riding today, but the weather turned and the heavens fell. That's not really an excuse, a really bad one at that.

The day was spent reading Rouleur magazine, whilst drinking coffee and eating brioche.

The start of the cycling in Belgium kicked off in good style at the weekend. Eurosport didn't cover them for various reasons and they cannot be at every race, but I managed to find a recorded feed and watched them from start to finish. Team Sky made sure they put a strong set of riders at both races and it paid off. Mark Cavendish, love him or hate him, showed his prescence and put Kurne-Brussels-Kurne under his ever expanding belt of wins. Juan Antonio Flecha took 3rd at Omloop Het Nieuwsblad, even though I thought he'd win after his 2nd place finish in 2011.

It won't be long till our motorhome is loaded up and we're heading to Dover to spend a week following Gent Wevelgem and the 3 days of De Panne. I cannot wait!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

So called 'Road Tax'

I'm 17 and just about to take my driving test. A few of my friends have recently passed and are constantly moaning about cyclists riding 2 abreast - when its perfectly legal and using the road in general. Today I saw a post on Facebook calling all cyclists c***s for using the road without paying 'road tax'.
  Here's the thing that to me; firstly the person in question is a spoilt brat whom gets his insurance, car, petrol and tax paid for by his mummy. Secondly the term 'road tax' in general. No-one pays it. If you drive, you pay vehicle excise duty (VED). This basically taxes you as a car owner for owning a car. It does not give you the right to the road. After a little research I found that, roads are maintained with money from general taxation, which every single person old enough/earning enough pays.  Cyclists are just as worthy to the road as you are, now get off your lazy arse and do some exercise and save the polar bears.
   If you want to moan about vehicles other than cars using the road , moan about horse riders. I rode a few miles today to test out a new saddle/stem positioning on my road bike and the road was covered in shite. Next time I go for a ride and feel the sudden urge, I'm going to shit right there.

Rant over - Ryan.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

There has been a lack of posts lately due to work giving me every hour under the sun to work.

Hopefully now the weather has improved, the riding hours will increase and we'll get posting again on here.

I have had my review of The Collarbone app posted up on the blog. Thanks to Ty for letting me submit that, really appreciate it.

If you've got a spare moment in your day, it would be great if you could have a read, leave a comment (good or bad) and check out the blog. Link is above!


Monday, 23 January 2012

Shit Cyclists Say

It has been a while.

I know this video is doing the rounds, but it is funny and reminds me of going to Belgium for the Ardennes classics and to France for the tour. Hearing these things in real life is great.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Happy Christmas and all that.

A day late but what the hell. Hope you all got some good loot and are well.

We didn't get out for a Christmas ride, so maybe have a joint new year/Christmas one. Itching to get out and ride with some more people again. Riding by yourself and practising different stuff is only fun for so long.

Luckily I've come into some money and thinking of investing it in a new bike. Something a bit tougher and can take the roads up north, as they're shoddy. I'm gonna keep the fast bike as it is my first fixed bike build. I've been trawling the sales online today as the LBS doesn't deal in fixed and I hate admitting it, but they'll be expensive.

If anyone has seen any bargains or has a recommendation, then shoot them my way or leave a comment. Looking for a complete build, unless there's some mega deal on a frame.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Stupid child...

I know there's been a lot on here in the last couple of days but, this stupid kid made me laugh a little too much.

Big Top strap review coming soon, I promise.